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宇宙 服exo- スキャナー

Exosuit:完全性: 100%

関節の関節: 100%

密閉シール: 100%

ガンマ線シールド: アクティブ

燃料電池: tickety-boo


AvAtAr spAcesuit

A blue spacesuit with data visor down-selfie comic


あなたのディープスペース アーマー は本当にミニです



A. ヘルメットh eatshield- [悪い髪の日に最適]。

b。 ソーラーパネル。自動太陽追跡アクティブ。

c。 マイクロ冷却ユニットと Bの ackpack。

D. 手袋のインターフェース診断:常に手元にあります。

e。 無重力宇宙船用の吸引ブーツ。

f。 ヘッドフォン付きクラッシュバー。

G. ヘッドアップディスプレイ[HUD]。

H. カーボン織りの剛体フォームパネル。

I. Flexiweaveジョイント素材。

J. 補強された高点負荷ベアリングジョイント。



An android wearing a blue space helmet-selfie comic.

Your window into an unknown Universe.

The helmet assembly carries all the sensing equipment, from audio receivers, optical equipment, and interface readout panel.

The brain canister keeps your brain safe whilst the stereoscopic optical cameras feed information from your eyes to your brain. 


The optical information from the cluster pods on either side of your helmet whether infrared, night-vision, thermal or simply digital optical magnification can be easily viewed on the voice-activated HUD [Head-Up-Display] visor.


The fully flexible face chassis allows a perfect fit for any selfie male or female, made from medical-grade polymers.

The entire cranium assembly is secured to a strong yet flexible synthetic spinal cord structure which carries all the cable management systems-power, data, audio, video, etc.

Space Gloves

A blue space glove with diagnostic interface. Only in selfie comic.

Your space mittens don't simply keep your hands warm in the super-sub zero temperatures of space.

Any pair of 'danny-warmers' can do that!

The back of the gloves carry all the diagnostic information you need to know at all times those little things that keep you alive-Oxygen levels, Power levels, Hydration and core temperature. Occasionally they may indicate where the nearest burger bar is.

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