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When you're faced with superbugs you need a super weapon, and this is it.

The QUAD Module-05 Assault pack delivers the bad news to the bad guys-big time!

Numerous features not seen on any other QUAD system module before:

The 1620 ball ammo magazine with integrated carry handle, rapid fire gatling barrel, in-stock tactical screen. So when you bump into a skeleton zombie in the supermarket it will not last long-then get back to shopping.

QUAD M05: Assault Rifle

TEK SPEK-the M05 offers an ultra violet HUD screen that gives you a clear picture of these little nasty germs in full wide screen 4k technicolour.


The stock-mounted tactical screen offers a birds-eye view of the battle field and total video communications package with your ships Ai.

The shoulder pad is fully adjustable in length for improved sighting posture.

Below: fast swap-out high capacity magazine. Gatling gun with 19 smooth bore barrels for excessive firepower.



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